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Katie Madonna Lee is a filmmaker,  instrumental and electronic music composer. Lee graduated from Chicago Academy for the Arts and attended Berklee College of Music, graduating with a B.F.A from School of Visual Arts. As a filmmaker, Lee has won numerous awards for her film work including The New York Women in Film & Television Award and LA Femme Festival Best Narrative Feature Award.

Lee earned her Masters in Music Composition at Indiana University South Bend, studying under Jorge Muniz and Ryan Oliver. Lee has collaborated on projects ranging from hip-hop to film scores with artists such as a Sharon Van Etten and Jeremy Joyce. Lee identifies as a rust belt American, owning to the fact that social class controls access to food, shelter, health, education and culture. Her work focuses on the isolated culture and authentic personalities of the cities along I-94 in Northwestern Indiana, clashing constantly with the accepted narrative of the Midwest by coastal progressives. Her work deconstructs shame especially Midwest shaming which continues to be internalized by the public and perpetuated by academics, creative circles and the media. Lee integrates current real life experiences, especially of the working class and working poor into works that are accessible to both the mainstream public and academics. Works explore the emotional memory of those who have been outcasts or censored in order to support the status quo, grieving the loss of retail shopping malls and slipping invisibly into poverty

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