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List of Works

Home Is Where Song Is – String Quartet

Rising Water – Flute & Guitar

They Are Gone But You Are Here – Duo for Violin & Piano

The Bystanders Did Nothing – Solo Piano

Colin & Hazel – Vibraphone & Soprano Saxophone

Tiny – Marimba & Bass Clarinet

The Immigrants – Trio for Violin, Piano & Flute

Knuckles '97 - Violin & Cello

Edawat – SATB Mixed Choir Piece

Disco Demolition – Full Orchestra

I Listen To Tom Waits – Fixed Media

Technicolor Splendor: The Remix: MAX MSP

Irish Catholic – Full Length Musical Theater Production -

  1. Hail Mary

  2. That's Our Man

  3. Objects of Poverty Act I

  4. Attack of The Floral Tent Dress/Dream Sequence

  5. I Want To Be A Protestant

  6. Elephant in The Room

  7. Duty Over The Self

  8. Negative Thoughts

  9. You Can Stay On Our Couch

  10. Be Yourself/Be One Of Us

  11. Negative Thoughts/I Belong

  12. This One Time I Overdosed

  13. Objects of Poverty Act II

  14. Negative Thoughts/What Did I Do?

  15. The Poop Bucket Song

  16. I Always Knew You Weren't One of Us!

  17. Please Don't Be A Gutter Punk (You Have A Nice Place)

  18. Big Teeth

  19. The Audience Pleaser (It Gets Worse)

  20. Hail Mary (Revised)

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